Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keeping Positive..... and Fundraising like crazy!

*** I started writing this post a few weeks ago and just didn't know how to end it. I've had a few weeks to think (and got some new information) and hopefully I am making more sense as I complete this blog update!

I know my resolution this year was to not stress about our adoption and the things I can't control but it's been a hard week. I guess I didn't have a good grasp on what actually happens once you send in your dossier. I thought there was some sort of number system that helps you keep track of where you are in the referral process. I guess it is not that simple. Because the referral process is based on dossier submission and everyone submitting a dossier has a little bit different requirement they keep an internal list but its not something that would make sense to us. With that said we can still contact our agency and ask how things are going and if referrals are coming in. This is going to be a long waiting process. With that said after many questions to our agency we were given a number as a guide. We are #18 on the list. That means that there are 17 families ahead of us looking for the same age range of child. Some months there may be no change in our number and some months we may move multiple spots up.

I'm not discouraged with our adoption or upset about anything in particular I think I just came to the realization that these 6-12 months (or possibly more) of waiting are going to be hard. I'm not sure what questions to ask our agency during this time of waiting, but I know that I have lots of fundraising to do while we wait.

In order to accept any referral we have to have the money raised and sent in within 7-10 days. This guarantees that we have accepted a referral and gets us moving on the next steps of bringing our child(ren) home. The cost of the referral fee is going to be $8,000 or $14,000. If we accept a sibling group it will be the larger number. We know this is a lot of money and we have been working hard to save for this fee. With me working part-time and Aaron coaching soccer we hope to be able to come up with half the money on our own. The rest we are going to fundraise like crazy to get.

Our first fundraiser of the year is going to be a Garage Sale.  We have already been accepting donations for this sale and plan to hold it as soon as the weather gets nice (yes, today is March 22 and there is snow everywhere in the Pacific NW!) So it may not happen as soon as we would like, but as soon as the weather turns spring like we are going to be ready!

***** We are still gladly taking Donations for our Garage Sale. So as your doing your spring cleaning think of us. We will come pick them up anytime. We will be holding a second garage sale in the summer, so if you aren't ready to clean things out yet just think of us when you do. We would love to store your unwanted treasures until our next sale.

Thanks for checking out our update. This one's all over the place, but sometimes it's nice to let others know just how your really feeling!