Tote Bags 
We have been making tote bags for weeks! We have many different sizes to choose from and there are no two bags that are exactly alike! The bags range from lunch/purse size totes to large grocery totes. Each one is made with a applique of Africa and something sewed on to where DRC is located. They will be a great conversation piece for any occasion. (The tiles behind the bags are 18 in x 18 in for a size reference)

Puzzle Pieces 
We go this idea from some other people working on an international adoption with the help of their friends and family. We bought this great children's African Safari themed puzzle that has 300 fairly large pieces. We are asking that people purchase a piece of the puzzle for $20. We will then write your name on the back of the piece. Once put together we will place the puzzle in our new additions room in a double sided glass frame, so that we can forever see the names of the people who helped make our dream come true.

We have our design completed so stay tuned for more information ...........

Garage Sale 
We are looking for donations for our garage sale that will will be having in September. We will come pick up anything and everything you have for us. Please get into the end of summer cleaning mode and help us help you clear out your clutter! :)

Monetary Donations
We will gladly and humbly accept any donations that come to us. You can send them directly to us or go through our paypal button on our blog. Let me know if you have any questions @ dawn b e y 1 5