May 2011- Began talking out loud about international adoption
June 2011- Began telling family and friends our plans for adoption from DRC
July 30, 2011- Finally sent in our application to OWAS.
Aug. 3, 2011- Was accepted into the OWAS Congo Program! Woohoo!
Aug.  26, 2011- 1st Official homestudy visit.
Sept. 12, 2011- Sent in our payment to begin the I-600a and dossier paperwork.
Sept. 19, 2011- Money debited for FBI records request (yeah! hopefully that means they will be completed soon!)
Nov. 19, 2011- Official Home-study completed!! Woohoo!!!
Nov. 28, 2011- I600a paperwork send in.
Dec. 6, 2011- I600a check cashed by US Government. Hopefully that means things are moving along!
Dec. 12, 2011- Received notification from US Government of our digital fingerprinting appointment.
Jan. 6, 2012- Digital Fingerprinting appointment in Portland (we are so lucky to live near a gov. office!)
Jan. 26, 2012- Sent in Dossier to OWAS. (still have one paper to send in once it gets here)
Jan 30, 2012- Sent in I-171H and 2 new letters to OWAS for our Dossier. (all paper work should be in now, barring no corrections need to be made).
May 21, 2012- Just waiting, praying and fundraising like crazy!!!!
June 19, 2012- Changed agencies
June 22, 2012- Received referral of 2 yr. old boy.
Sept. 9, 2012- Send a small gift and Family photo book to our Son. So excited that another family is getting their child and that our son will finally get to see a picture of us. Hopefully he will understand that we are coming as soon as we can!
Oct. 7, 2012- Got news that our paperwork is trickling in! Woohoo. Our little man is ours!  We're hoping to travel next month sometime.
Nov. 8, 2012- Sent binder with another family to take with them to Africa. Just waiting for our Embassy appointment to be made before we start our travel plans!!
Nov. 26, 2012- Aaron headed out to DRC to go meet our son! (Long story but ended up having to do two trips instead of one because of some issues happening in country).
Nov. 28 2012- Aaron met our son for the first time!! He said it was the best moment! But had to leave him at the orphanage since this was going to be a short trip.
Nov. 30, 2012- Embassy appointment!! It went great now just waiting for the visa to be issued.
Dec. 13, 2012- GOTCHA DAY!!!!!!! The day is finally here.
Dec. 14, 2012- Received Exit Letter
Dec. 16. 2012- Returned home from DRC. We have our family of 4 together at last!!!