Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rain, rain, go away......

The weather has really not been cooperating with my schedule. It's actually been pretty nice the past few weekends here in the Pacific Northwest, but the days leading up to weekends are not so good.

 We cannot wait to have our Adoption Fundraiser Garage Sale! We have a ton of great stuff to get out of my sisters garage, but we need to have at least 4 nice days in a row to really make it worth it. We have gone through our house mutiple times and have received lots of donations from our friends and family. We feel so blessed with everything we have received so far, we just can't wait to begin selling all of these items. With that said, WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING DONATIONS. If you have anything you would like to donate let me know and we can come pick it up. Our goal is to have at least 2 garage sales this summer to help raise the money for our referral fee ($8000+). So if your not ready to tackle your house or a garage yet, don't worry, we will take your stuff all summer long.

 Even though somedays it seems like our adoption process is moving at a snails pace (although I think all adoptions do at some point or another). We have been so blessed by the other families who are using our same agency. Monthly we are hearing about the next family that is traveling to pick up their little one(s). We have also been able to see so many great pictures of the city, orphanage, and the kids. It's been so wonderful to get to share in their joy and to share in the excitement of seeing the kiddos who are just waiting to come home to their forever families. We know we still have a long time before we get our referral, but it sure is nice to feel a little connection to the kids in the orphanage.

 International adoption is a long hard journey. We did not come to this decision lightly and knew this was going to be a difficult process. There have already been multiple delays in the paperwork and the timeline has changed significantly since we started this process about 9 months ago. Imagine, if this had been a pregnancy we would be home with our new addition by now. The thing we hold on to is that God is in control. We know this is his plan for our family and we are going to trust in his timing. It doesn't mean we won't have those "bad" days, where we feel sad and mourn the amount of time lost without having our kid(s) home. But most days we are really just focused on Carson and our family unit. We know we need to continue having a strong marriage, developing our family rules, and making family traditions.

Soon enough we will receive our referral and we will be back in that stressful paperwork chasing game. So I guess this is a nice calm before the storm. I can only imagine the "bad" days will be much harder once there is a name/face added to our prayers. We will work so hard to get our child(ren) home as soon as possible, but like most things, it's really out of our hands. Paperwork (mostly the waiting for paperwork) will become our nemesis once again, but in the end it will be all worth it. Thanks for taking a few minutes to get caught up on our adoption adventure. We are so grateful to all the people in our lives that are supporting us during this journey.

Thank you and we love you!!!!
 *** April & Aaron

 P.S. If you have a minute leave us a comment. We'd love to hear from you!!!!!

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