Monday, January 14, 2013

One month together.....with a life time to go!

Wow, I can't believe we've been together for a whole month already! Time has flown by this past few weeks. We had a great (short) trip to DRC and have been home as a family of four for pretty much this whole time. We had a great Christmas and Kamble had a great 2nd birthday. I'm pretty sure he thinks that presents are an everyday occurrence now. He's going to be really disappointed over the next few months when he has nothing to open. :)

Life at home has been great so far. We didn't get to cocoon like we wanted to with the holidays, but we are still sticking close to home. We will continue to keep Kamble close for the next few months and still keep our activities to a minimum.

 Here's a few notes about how things are going since we've been home ......
  • Sleep is overrated! So neither of our children are sleeping well right now. Both kids are getting up in the middle of the night and joining us in our bed. Luckily we have a king size or we'd really be hating life! Hopefully this issue will resolve it's self SOON!!
  • The dogs were a non-issue after the first week! Kamble loves the dogs now (a little too much!). He chases them constantly and pets them all day long. He's even doing good with other dogs we see at families houses and on the streets. 
  • Food is still an issue. He won't eat much of anything except chicken, bread, french fries, eggs and sometimes beans and rice. He refused beans and rice the first 3 weeks, but has started eating them again. Hoping to find more foods that he will eat soon, I feel like he's not really getting the nutrition he desperately needs. 
  • Kamble is not great at sharing. Both boys want what the other one has at all times. Carson has been great about giving in to his brother. Thats not really the lesson we want to teach, but it helps while we have the language barrier issue. 
  • Kamble is starting to use some English. He still talks constantly in Lingala (I think he thinks we know what he's saying). But he's beginning to use words such as chicken, Addy, Oakley, Carson, get down, Noah, daddy, and NO! 
  • He has a wonder sense of humor. He loves to laugh all the time and his smile is looking brighter every day! 

  • The first few weeks clothes were a huge issue. He refused to wear anything but jeans, but now he is doing great. He'll wear jammies at night and will now let me pick out his clothes (well most of the time). 
  • KAMBLE LOVES BATHS! He would take a bath multiple times a day if he could! Every time he goes into the bathroom he wants to take a bath or a shower. 
  • Potty training has been an issue for both boys. Each has a different issue, but hopefully with each other they can master this whole potty training thing!!!
  • He loves to watch videos and see pictures of his friends from Congo. He laughs and screams at the computer trying to talk to them. It's so adorable. We definitely need to try to Skype with some of the other kiddos that have come home recently and that are coming home really soon! 
  • He loves to go for walks in the stroller (and it helps put him to sleep)! Can't wait to take him to the zoo!
  • Kamble loves Cars and especially TowMater just like his brother! They can't get enough and we can't wait until to take them both to Cars Land (but it will be a while)! 
  • Kamble is still a Daddies boy! He is letting me (April) do more for him, but Daddy still has to put him to bed and is the one he cries for when he's upset. 
  • Kamble has gained a few pounds already, even with a horrible diet! We go back into the doctor this week and hopefully will get some more info. He's already being treated for a few things, nothing major though, just a skin issue and a parasite. We're hoping to have him healthy real soon!!

All in all life is great! Our boys have adjusted so well and are actually playing together more and more (and wrestling!!) Thank you so much for all your support during this! He's the best little man and we can't wait to show him off to everyone. 

And just to show off my adorable boys.... (Thanks to my SIL @


Love, April

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