Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Time to Put Together That Puzzle!!!

So we began talking about this months ago, but were finally ready to have this be the Fundraiser we focus on this summer. There are a lot of new things happening with our adoption, but I'm not really at liberty to talk about them right now (sorry for the teaser, but no referral yet!).  I will let everyone know as soon I can!
What I can talk about is that we are really needing to focus on saving money and fundraising in order to make things happen when the time is right. We are sending out postcards (you can see a copy on the bottom right of the blog) to all of our family and friends in hopes to raise enough money to cover our referral costs. We actually got this idea from another adopting family and just loved it.

We are selling puzzle pieces for $20 each. Once a piece is purchased we will write your name (or family name) on the back of a piece. Once all the pieces are purchased we will put the puzzle in a double sided glass frame and hang it in our home.  This framed puzzle will be a reminder of everyone who has helped us on our journey to bring our family together. We have already written a few names of donors, but we still have nearly the whole puzzle to put together! Can you help???

I've place a list of FAQ's at the bottom of this post. I will add more if I start getting other questions. Also, please email me your address if you'd like to get anything that we mail out (Postcards, letters, Christmas cards, etc). My email is dawn bey 15 @ ya hoo . c o m.

Thank you so much for all your support and prayers. We definitely know that we couldn't do this without all of you!

Love, April


If I send more money, can I have more than one piece???
*Yes, you can buy more than one piece! (I'll write your name really big across multiple pieces or I'll write each family members name, if you prefer.)

I just don't have $20 to spare,  can I still participate?
*If $20's to much, any donation will do! (We appreciate all the help we can get!)

Where do I send the money?
*Please send the checks directly to us.

Can you accept credit cards??
* I do have a pay-pal account. Please look to the right of the blog.

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